2015 Ferrari FXX K

The Ferrari FXX K (at first named LaFerrari XX)is a high-performance race car built by the Ferrari company in Italy. The model was based on the street-legal LaFerrari.


The exterior design of 2015 Ferrari FXX K was focused around improving the aero-balance. Length of this super sports car is 4896 mm (196 inches) Width 2051 mm (81 inches), height 1116 mm (44 inches). Wheels are 285/650 – R19 x10½ front and 345/725 – R20x13 rear, with tires Pirelli P-Zero Slik. For stopping are carbon ceramic brakes in charge Front 398 x 223 x 36 mm and Rear 380 x 253 x 34 mm.

2015 -ferrari-fxx-k NCI


As for the front exterior, the basic splinter was replaced by a larger one with a gap in its center, whereas the spoiler was completely reworked into a twin-profile piece in order to enhance downforce. Together, they are placed in a lower position (1,2”) than in the previous models.

The standard headlights were replaced by strip-shaped LED lights. The vehicle also received a new hood with redesigned vents.

Ferrari-FXX-K-NCI 1

Much more changes were made on the rear part of the car, where everything but the split grille was reworked. The 2-piece unit was replaced by a large diffuser flanked by single exhaust outlets in form of vertical fins on each side. For improved dynamics, lateral dive planes and vertical fins direct the air toward the flanks.

The tail section is placed higher, and the spoiler and the taillights are brand new.


All the luxurious details and handy features from the LaFerrari had been removed due to their uselessness on the race track, and were replaced with some new, useful components.

LaFerrari-FXX-K-cockpit NCI

The 2015 Ferrari FXX K’s center console is placed between the seats, and contains the switches and buttons for controlling almost every function.

When it comes to the dashboard and the steering wheel , most of the soft surfaces were replaced by carbon-fiber inserts.

The seats are also redesigned entirely, with massive bolstering on the sides, a carbon and race-spec harnesses, and red stitching.

Engine and performance

The 2015 Ferrari FXX K uses the 6.3-liter V12 engine with 860 hp at 9200 rph, tuned for the track use, and the HY-KERS system. It produces 1050cv, 663 pound-feet of torque, and 1,050 hp. The engine was mated with a 7-speed transmission DCT. The vehicle has an amazing downforce of 540 kg at 124 mph (200 km/h).

Top speed of the vehicle remained the same as in the LaFerrari – 217 mph, while the acceleration was improved by means of curb weight reduction, resulting in 0-60 mph in 2.7 seconds.


Price and release date

The 2015 Ferrari FXX K was released during Ferrari’s World Finals in Abu Dhabi in early December, 2014. Only 40 units were produced and sold out at the record time at the price of roughly $3,000,000 (€2,500,000).


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