2016 Ferrari 458 MM Speciale

Stock supercars are more expensive and out of reach of many enthusiasts no wonder the likes of Toyota and Subaru offer affordable sport cars that look like the supercars in a bid to quench the cravings. While stock supercars are for the financially well endowed individuals, a few need more than what the stock supercars offer.  One such person is Erick Clapton who paid Ferrari for a personally customized model, the Ferrari SP12EC. Another individual from UK who remains mysterious has also paid Ferrari for a customized 458 Speciale. The new model is dubbed the 2016 Ferrari 458 MM Speciale and is built under the automaker’s Special Projects division.

The automaker even took to the press to release the model which was specifically meant to appeal to those buyers looking to stand out from others. Don’t be surprised if this trend catches up with other automakers soon: Read along to find out what Ferrari can do to you if you are ready to spend millions:


2016 Ferrari 458 MM Speciale Exterior

“Stunningly beautiful”, that is how I see its exterior profile. The design is based on the 458 Speciale. At the front, it features a big splitter, a hood with revised air vents and narrower intakes which feature a carbon-fiber trim. Its headlights are adopted from the 488 GTB.

On the flanks, it features new sideskirts and new air scoops after the doors, which helps channel more air to the engine. Its A-pillars are painted black.  The model has a lower roofline translating to a more aerodynamic look.

At the rear, the car looks identical to the 488 GTB with identical taillights, a spoiler and a redesigned mesh grille. To differentiate it from the 488 GTB is a black strip that runs across the rear fascia through the “prancing horse” emblem. The model also features a unique trapezoidal license plate cutout into its bumper as well as triangular looking vents on each side.

It rides on a set of twin-five spoke alloy wheels.  Its overall body is finished off with a pearl white paint work and a tricolor of the Italian flag.


2016 Ferrari 458 MM Speciale Interior

We haven’t got a good look at the inside. However, we understand that the cabin is customized to the buyer’s tastes. Of the features included, we hear there is Cioccolato leather upholstery with a white contrast stitching and a state-of-the art audio system.

There are also white satin rings for better aesthetics on the center tunnel controls. Most of other features are highly customized to suit the buyer needs and taste. This goes along to show what Ferrari is prepared to do for you if you open up your pockets, that is if your pockets are deep enough in the first place.


Engine Specs and performance

Under the hood, the new 2016 Ferrari 458 MM Speciale is hooked up with a similar drive-train as the 458 Speciale. It features a 4.5 L, V-8 mill. This engine comes good with 596 horses and 398 lb-ft of torque. The power is channeled to the rear wheels via a 7-speed dual clutch transmission system.

Ferrari didn’t release its performance specs but I expect it to offer a similar performance as the 458 Speciale. As such, it will hit 60 mph from standstill in 3 seconds and attain a top speed of 202 mph.



Ferrari unveiled the MM Speciale at the Fiorano circuit where the automaker’s chief test driver Dario Benuzzi made some laps in it. It is also believed that the mystery owner was present.

Ferrari is still mum about the price the mystery owner paid but you can bet it was a 7 figure sum, enough to buy a number of very impressive supercars.

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