Porsche Mission E Concept

Porsche recently displayed the design of a sleek, sports car that the company might use to conquer the future. The Porsche Mission E which was released during the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show held recently will boast 600 hp from a pure battery-electric engine according to the auto maker. Porsche has joined the bandwagon of other automakers who are increasing their focus on electric cars. This is the best indication yet that Porsche is seriously considering making a smaller coupe to rival brands form Tesla Motors.

Porsche Mission E Concept Exterior

The body will be made from light weight materials which will include high performance steel, aluminum and carbon-fiber polymer. The materials will improve the vehicles strength while keeping the weight to a minimum. The overall body has been created to offer maximum aerodynamics.

It will have unique inlets and outlets at the front, rear and sides to ensure seamless flow of air around the car translating to less wind resistance and better handling. It doesn’t feature wing mirrors which further improves its aerodynamics. In place of the mirrors are small cameras placed on the sides. Other features include a swept back roofline and a low stance. It will have new Matrix LED headlights. Its two doors which open in the suicide style.



Porsche Mission E Concept Interior

Since an electric car doesn’t have transmission tunnel or driveshaft, the result is a spacious cabin. The Porsche Mission E will accommodate 4 passengers on its lightweight bucket seats. The center console located between the front seats rises upwards like an overpass to the dashboard.


Drivers will be treated to a curved display system which tracks a driver’s eye to know what item they are focusing on, the driver can then select the item by pressing a button on the steering wheel. Infotainment and air conditioning can also be controlled with gestures. This technology will greatly improve human-machine interface. The vehicle will also be integrated with a small camera which has a facial recognition capability; your facial image is then displayed on the dashboard from where you can share it on social media via the integrated features.

The vehicle will feature another holographic display with a selection of apps which will include navigation control, climate control and media access.



Porsche Mission E Concept Interior

Power-train, Specs and Performance

Under the hood of the Mission E is where things get excited. To power this sports sedan will be an 800-volt drive-train. The power-train will feature two electric motors flanked by a powerful battery that the auto maker claims is twice as powerful as the best EV system available currently.

Power will be transmitted to all wheels with the help of Porsche Torque Vectoring which will distribute power to individual wheels automatically; this will maximize its grip on the road. This engine will deliver 582 hp and the car will run from 0-60 mph in just 3.5 seconds and an additional 9 seconds to take it to 124 mph. The Mission E will have a 310 –mile range which matches Tesla Model S as well as the Audi’s e-tron SUV concept.

Recharging the electric power-train is perhaps where Porsche has excelled over other models. The automaker’s Turbo Charging system allows an 80% recharge in only 15 minutes. This has been made possible due to an 800-volt port and use of lighter and smaller copper cables that the vehicle will use. Alternatively, the batteries can be recharged wirelessly using inductive charging.


Price and release date

There are no details on its price and release date since the Mission E is only a concept but it’s an exciting preview of what the future might really have in store. We hope Porsche will turn the Mission E into a reality. If it goes to production, Tesla Model S will have a real rival to contend with.


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