2016 Rimac Concept S

After shocking the automobile world with the Rimac Concept One in 2011, Rimac is at it again. The Croatian automaker is bringing a more powerful hyper car dubbed the 2016 Rimac Concept S. The car features better aerodynamics, less weight and is also faster making it the ultimate full-electric race car.

In addition, the model has the style and comfort of synonymous with GT automobiles. The automaker has used experience gained from Rimac E-Runner’s awesome performance at the Pikes Peak race last year.

Read along to find more about this electric-powered monster;


2016 Rimac Concept S Exterior

The exterior of the 2016 Rimac Concept S reminds me of the Concept One. The Concept S is however more aggressive. At the front, it features the same grille as the Concept One. The grille acts as a cooling vent. Two more vents are located on the sides and look more refined and also feature baby blue inserts.

Below the grille is a stylish spoiler that adds down-force to the front wheels which is a necessity to keep the car glued to the ground considering it churns out over 1,000 horses. Its hood is also similar to the Concept One but it has been hooked up with a higher scoop at the center. The headlights are a bit shorter.


On the sides, the vehicle features aggressive side skirts and a new up-swept wing behind its front wheels. The wheel arches look more refined than those of the Concept. The vehicle also features a grey and white finish running from the outside edge of the front vents all the way to the rear. From experience, a two paint job never disappoints on a car like this.

At the rear, the vehicle feature lamps with LED technology that outline an air vent in the center. Just below the taillights are two smaller vents. A gray paint finish occupies most of the rear. Its rear diffuser features a whopping 6 functional fins which help improve down-force at the rear. There is also a rear spoiler which also adds down-force on the rear axle. The sides of the spoiler feature the blue accenting like the one on front air vents, the inner fin and mounting arms are covered in gray.

Rimac designers have done an excellent job in designing a body with excellent aerodynamics and one that also provides down-force in just the right areas. Actually, if you look closely, you will notice that the gray paintwork symbolizes the direction the air takes as it goes through and over the Concept S’s body.


2016 Rimac Concept S Interior

The cabin is similar to that of the Concept One. However, the Rimac concept S cabin is covered in Alcantara. Surfaces without Alcantara feature a clear finish that reveals a carbon-fiber weaving underneath.  The interior is trimmed in black with blue accenting on the dash and on the center console.

The seats also have a blue accenting. On the other hand, the dashboard, steering wheel, door panels and some parts of the seats feature a red contrast stitching which matches seat harnesses of its two seats. The cabin is pretty stunning to look at and I believe it is quite comfy too.

The car comes with an in-house built infotainment system which was built specifically for the Concept S. The touch screen appears to be a 12-incher though the automaker didn’t offer actual specs.


Further, the vehicle’s all-wheel torque vectoring system features physical buttons made of billet aluminum which are located on its center console.  Other settings of the system and other features such as torque distribution, brake force distribution and other functions are controlled via the touch-screen display.

The vehicle is fitted by over 500 sensors which channel information to the touch-screen where data is then stored and sent to a cloud via a 4G internet connection. Data can be accessed via the touch-screen or a Smartphone either during or after a race.


Engine Specs and Performance

Under the hood, Rimac has used a fine-tuned version of the AWTV system deriving from experience gained from the last year’s Pikes Peak.   Though the Concept One at 1,088 hp and 1,180 lb –ft of torque was no slouch, Rimac tweaked the drive-train to produce a staggering 1,384 hp and 1,327 lb-ft of torque.  This power is transmitted to each wheel independently via a 2-speed dual-clutch system as part of an AWD system.

The Croatian automaker uses four permanent magnetic electric motors located at the center of each axle.

The motors are backed by an 82 kWh battery pack. The automaker however didn’t say how long it takes to recharge the battery or its range per charge. Rimac however disclosed that the battery can be charged via a 22 kW AC on-board charger or a 120 kW fast charger.


2016 Rimac Concept S Geneva Motor Show

The huge output figures means the Concept S can hit 0-60 mph in only 2.5 seconds and 186 mph in just 13.1 seconds with tops speed of 227 mph, which is pretty impressive for an electric car.

In order to boost the power output, the automaker sought to make the model lighter, improve its aerodynamics and retune the engine. To make it lighter, the automaker altered the process of making its shell and removed some sound deadening materials. The changes helped reduce 110 pounds from the Concept One.

The retuned AWTV system now calculates optimal torque distribution between the wheels and applies the torque as necessary. The motors are controlled individually. The system also manages the vehicle’s traction and stability control and electric ABS.


Price and release date

The automaker didn’t reveal the price or release date of the Rimac Concept S during its debut. However, when it comes out, expect the model to retail at close to $ 1m if not more. Keep it here for more updates. The Rimac Concept S will be a limited release model just as its sibling.

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