2016 Tesla Model X Range, Release Date, Price

The 2016 Tesla Model X small SUV is a posh, sleek and alluring car with a performance, speed and safety mechanisms which makes it surpass any electric vehicle that is currently on sale. Details may still be thin about its features such as the engine, range, price, speed up and its variety of features but it would definitely be remiss if the little details of this SUV are not looked at.

2016 Tesla Model X Interior

The interior details may still be forthcoming but it looks spacious inside and a vehicle that would be suitable for one family sitting. There is a big clear screen which would serve the interests of navigation and control guides. The steering wheel looks firm and steady providing a good grip and stability.

The driver has all the space in the world without feeling restricted while the car is in motion, even at total speeds the driver is able to remain stable and composed because of the level of space accorded to the driver’s cockpit.

2016 Tesla Model X Exterior

The appearance of the electric SUV is will be the same as its prototype. The most noticeable feature about the exterior are the uplifting double-hinged falcon doors. The doors are designed that way to allow easy access to the Tesla’s third-row seats.

From the exterior, it will be aerodynamically advanced and its sleek design which is built on the platform of the model S will allow for a smooth flow on the roads. The grille looks wide and shiny with aesthetic appeal. The exterior will be streamlined and sleek looking. The colors that are anticipated are black, gray and white.

Engine Specs and Performance

tesla batery
It will be a cross-over with an electric engine configured under its hood. Though the electric crossover will be in front-wheel-drive mode only. The car will be very easy to steer on all road surfaces on off-road and on-road terrains as it is an all-wheel drive vehicle.

The AWD factor about the 2016 Tesla Model X will make it have additional traction, with better control, handling and it would have a better grip. Tesla electric car will draw its energy from electric motor only. Its engine will contain something up to 60 to 65 kW/h lithium-ion battery system, with a range of 230 miles. Also expected is an option with a battery of 85 kWh, which will have a range of approximately 300 miles. The electric-powered SUV is capable of reaching 0-60 mph in just 5 seconds.

Price and Release date

Its price range is in contention, with some reports stating that it could go for $70,000 and others lowering it to just $45,000 but time will tell. But the release date, though not specified will not be as ambiguous as its price as it is set to be released in sometime early this year.

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